Jude Avery

Author of Satirical, Dark and Comedic Romance


No one seems to know whether Vic Rash is Victor or Victoria. Vic, however, is just Vic and not fussy… although it would be nice to meet a man (or a woman) who just knew.

Having escaped their sordid past, Vic might have been happy in the new, respectable job, but for Devlin Knightsbridge. Devlin the paragon, with his gorgeous smile and oozing charm. Devlin, the lion of masculinity, whom everyone loved. How Vic hated that man.

It was time someone did humanity a favour and taught Mr Perfect a lesson in humility and defeat. Time to unleash the reckless, charming Victor on Devlin… or would the sensible, snotty Victoria be a better choice. Either way, what could possibly go wrong in the scheme where Vic plays the game of heartbreaks? After all, Vic would never fall in love with someone like Mr Perfect.